How Online Booking Reduces No-Shows

Online booking has many time-saving benefits both for your and your clients. However, one of the best reasons to offer online booking is to reduce no-shows.

If you don’t already use an online booking system to allow your customers to make appointments from their phone or computer you’re missing out.

No-shows are one of the most frustrating things that salon owners have to deal with. A no-show is when a client cancels their appointment at the last minute or simply doesn’t show up at all. Not only does this cost you money in lost revenue, but it also means that other clients who could have taken that time slot are left disappointed.

Four Tips For Reducing No-Shows in Your Salon

  1. Get Confirmations in Writing Via Text or Email
    The best way to reduce no-shows is to get confirmations in writing—either via text or email. That way, your clients have a written record of their appointment time and date, and they’re more likely to remember to show up. You can even set up automatic reminders so your clients never forget their appointment again.
  2. Send reminders: A day or two before an appointment, send your clients a reminder via text or email. This will help them remember to show up. Your online salon booking system should make it simple to send automated reminders.
  3. Require a deposit: When a new client books an appointment, require a non-refundable deposit. This will deter people from booking appointments they don’t intend to keep. This is now a standard feature in a high-quality online salon booking platform.
  4. Increase Your Booking Rate: One of the best ways to reduce no-shows is simply to increase your booking rate—that is, the percentage of people who book an appointment after seeing your availability online . There are a few different ways you can do this: offer online booking , increase the visibility of your online booking widget , or send automatic reminders when someone books an appointment . By increasing your booking rate, you’ll not only reduce no-shows, but you’ll also increase revenue and fill up those empty slots even faster. By offering your customers online salon booking, you’re offering convenience. This modern approach is something many are willing to pay higher rates for.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the number of no-shows in your business, consider implementing online booking. Sending appointment reminders can also help cut down on missed appointments, and having a clear cancellation policy will let clients know what is expected of them. Ready to get started? Check out our online booking platform and find out how easy it is to get started!

Jenna Dunn

Jenna Dunn

Jenna loves to help small business owners grow their online presence and earn more. After building her first WordPress site in 2011 she redesigned the site endlessly until she learned something about web design. When she's not in front a computer she loves cooking, fermenting things, eating, and exploring the PNW with her family.

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