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A Well connected website

Connect with your clients each step of the journey.

Magenta CRM is customer relationship manager (CRM) platform that helps travel pros thrive and offer the best experiences to their customers.  We exist to revolutionize the way you show up online, manage your customer relationships, and ultimately, to boost your revenue.

Automate your sales and marketing

We’ve reimagined how travel advisors interact with their clients. Now you can track leads, manage appointments, and monitor online conversations with ease. But we don’t stop there – our integration with your website brings a new level of convenience. From capturing online inquiries directly into the CRM to showcasing your services and itineraries, our seamless connection ensures you’re always one step ahead.

mock up of website for travel advisor

Manage Your Business on the Go With Our Mobile App

Imagine being able to respond to a message or a review on the go. Check your calendar, book a meeting, or send an invoice all from your mobile phone.

That’s what the Magenta CRM mobile app does. It’s like having a super tool that helps you keep track of your customers and meetings. Whether you’re at your desk or out and about, this app makes it easy to know what’s happening with your business. You can see your customers’ details, set up appointments, and even remember important things to do. 

Get Started With Magenta CRM

Magenta CRM is your partner in growth. Experience the power of automated marketing today and let your business bloom.

There are three simple steps to get started.

Book a Demo

If you want to see Magenta CRM in action, book a one-on-one demo with our team.

Pick a Plan

Choose the subscription plan that works best for your business. You can change plans later.

Start Automating

Start by managing leads, scheduling appointments, and setting up your customer journey.

Your Website is Now Connected

Bridge the gap between lead generation and relationship cultivation.

This seamless synergy ensures that every web inquiry, contact form submission, or engagement is seamlessly funneled into your CRM’s ecosystem. Real-time data synchronization guarantees accurate customer profiles and history, empowering you to personalize interactions and understand each customer’s journey. 

With an integrated CRM, you eliminate manual data entry, minimize errors, and optimize resource allocation. It’s a visionary approach that not only simplifies processes but also amplifies customer satisfaction. By keeping your website and CRM in lockstep, you lay the foundation for exceptional customer experiences, efficient workflow, and unparalleled insights, propelling your business forward in today’s digitally-driven landscape.

Key Features


Discover a world of possibilities with Magenta CRM’s comprehensive suite of features designed to revolutionize the way service-based businesses operate. 

Our platform seamlessly integrates customer relationship management with powerful marketing automation, ensuring you not only manage clients but also attract and retain them effortlessly.

Chat Widget

Add a chat widget to your website to improve conversions and to offer better customer support to your leads.

2-Way Email & Text

Email and texting that is integrated with your contact list and workflows. Easily send out updates and automated reminders.

Email Marketing

Send and schedule bulk email campaigns using our templates or our intuitive email designer.

Lead Capture Forms

High-converting forms and conversational style forms that turn website visitors into clients.


Send estimates, proposals, and invoices. Get paid online or even through text to pay. We make it easy for your to get paid.


Get your services booked with our appointments calendars. Offer free or paid consultations. Sync with your main calendar.

Power Your Business With a Green Website

The internet currently produces approximately 3.8% of global carbon emissions. At Magenta CRM we help our customers make their websites as green as possible. The websites on our platform has a Ecograder score of 90% or higher.


97 out 100

Score for page weight to decrease emissions and improve page performance and conversions.

98 out of 100

For UX Design to reduce energy, improve accessibility, and deliver a good user experience.


Green web hosting by using a data center with 100% renewable energy.